Skinny Feels

By Patricia Thompson '19 “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I came across this quote on Instagram shortly after creating my first account in seventh grade. At the time, I didn’t really understand it. I stood at 5’2” and weighed about 120 pounds, so although I wasn’t stick thin, I was far from overweight.... Continue Reading →

O Tampon! My Tampon!

By Anna Dear '16 and Elizabeth McGonagle '16 O tampon! My tampon! Poorly inserted, my uterus is surely done! I have seen much pain, but never any quite like this one The discomfort I feel, it makes me kneel, awkwards moments ensue While I sit in class and I wriggle, I fear all eyes are... Continue Reading →

Wrestling With the Gender Issue

By Sasha Newton '16 and Bella Oliva '16 Recently, there have been many dynamic conversations surrounding gender in wrestling— a co-ed sport at PA. Many of these conversations are centered around inequality among genders in such a physically demanding and aggressive sport. From Assistant Coach and former wrestler Kassie Archambault’s perspective, there don’t appear to... Continue Reading →

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