No Flex Zone

By Lydia Paris '17 From the lonely place atop a cardio machine I can clearly see the gender divide. This vantage point at the back of the gym is one that I often return to – I choose the comfort and safety of these machines even though my purpose for going to the gym usually... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Kip’s Tips

Mrs. Kip, Phillips Academy’s nutritionist, recently met with some of the Health editors to talk about ways students can make the most out of Commons. If you have just woken up from an all-nighter, make sure to respect the power of caffeine. Only take some if you feel like you absolutely need to. Green tea is recommended:... Continue Reading →

Birth Control Methods

If you’re having sex and don’t want a baby, don’t leave it up to chance! While there are only two birth control options (aside from abstinence!) for men: condoms and vasectomy; there is a plethora of options out there for women – a few of which are available at Isham! No matter what kind of... Continue Reading →

Sneaky STIs

By Lara Guvelioglu '16 STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are transmitted through contact with infected bodily fluids (blood, semen, vaginal and anal secretions). STIs can be contracted through oral, anal and vaginal sex and through skin-to-skin contact with infected fluids. Women can even pass STIs to their babies. Various bacteria, viruses and parasites cause STIs. Therefore,... Continue Reading →

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