Junk Mail

By Sarika Rao '19 All I did was look in my junk folder. I saw all the usual emails that always go straight to spam - some website telling me how Kim Kardashian really lost her baby weight, several blonde females in revealing clothes informing me of their one-night stay in the city - but... Continue Reading →

O Tampon! My Tampon!

By Anna Dear '16 and Elizabeth McGonagle '16 O tampon! My tampon! Poorly inserted, my uterus is surely done! I have seen much pain, but never any quite like this one The discomfort I feel, it makes me kneel, awkwards moments ensue While I sit in class and I wriggle, I fear all eyes are... Continue Reading →

Totally Unfeminist Things

By Anna Dear '16 and Sabine Nix '16 Are you a feminist? You can be! As long as you avoid doing these things: Shave Shaving is only for women who bow to the patriarchy. Real women don’t care about their leg hair. If men don’t have to shave for us, we don’t have to shave... Continue Reading →

BOSS Confessions

“I want guys to say ‘damn, look at dat ass,’ but only in their heads because otherwise I would feel objectified.” “I flashed a park full of people while doing a cartwheel.” “One of the crew guys caught me staring at his bulge in a uni.” “I shave my pubic hair even though no one... Continue Reading →

8 Important Feminist Life Lessons

By Alisa Bhakta '16 Caitlin Moran on loving your body: “I love my BOOBS.” Pat Robertson on the after effects of feminism: “Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians.” Tina Fey keeping it short and sweet: “Know what? Bitches get stuff done.” Betty White on... Continue Reading →

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