Mixed Media Series: Photography and Poems

By Solby Lim ’18 and Katelyn Wang ‘18 This mixed media series focuses on the theme of feminine beauty and critiques societal expectations placed upon women. Specifically, the series explores how Western beauty ideals impact young women of color, and how they navigate through these patriarchal standards. The pairs of poems and photographs address issues... Continue Reading →

Angry Black Woman

By Keely Aouga '19 Being a teenage girl, I can’t help but wonder what people think about me. Do people like me? Do people think that I am approachable? These are just the basic questions, the questions that spiral through most girls’ heads. But then, I remember that I am not just any girl; I... Continue Reading →

I was born Latina

By Anna Lopez '19   I was born Latina. You don’t spend several years in a Latin country and suddenly you’re basically Latinx. I was born Latina. Meaning I spent my entire life watching TV and seeing no one that looked like me. I was born Latina. My parents need me to translate, and write... Continue Reading →

The Art of Irrelevance

Today in English class we talked about Hair and skin and race But mostly African-Americans I grit my teeth as I betrayed myself I did not say black And so I erased myself My twist-out was heavy on my head First success paired with eyeliner Blacker than me and truer. I rolled my sleeves back... Continue Reading →

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