An Open Letter

By Anna Lopez '19 An Open Letter to People Who Think No Means Yes, Every time I walk alone in the dark, I’m afraid someone like you will think I’m “asking for it.” It doesn’t matter if I’m in Lawrence or Andover. I still live in fear that one day someone will think my consent... Continue Reading →

RESPECT: Rebecca Somer ’15

Most people know Rebecca Somer '15 from her speeches at All School Meetings, or from her day to day involvement at Andover. As Student Body Co-President, she has presented an active and dynamic example of female leadership on campus. We had the chance to talk with her about her personal experiences with feminism at this... Continue Reading →

RESPECT: Sara Luzuriaga ’16

Sara Luzuriaga ’16 takes her place in Andover history as the most recent Editor in Chief of The Phillipian.  Her passion and commitment have made her a leader on campus, and she continues to make her mark within the Andover community. We talked to Sara about her experiences at Andover, and her involvement with The Phillipian and other... Continue Reading →

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