I was born Latina

By Anna Lopez '19   I was born Latina. You don’t spend several years in a Latin country and suddenly you’re basically Latinx. I was born Latina. Meaning I spent my entire life watching TV and seeing no one that looked like me. I was born Latina. My parents need me to translate, and write... Continue Reading →

Myth of the Disability

By Mae Zhao '18   ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia. I am not what you see--you only see half. I am two faces, and I know you are too, If those words earlier meant anything to you. I write this poem for those left in the shadows, Drowning this lonely dark lake. Weighed down by... Continue Reading →

Boys ain’t shit

By Anna Lopez '19 He tells me I’m pretty. As if I don’t know the sunset got its beauty from me. He tells me I’m funny. As if I don’t laugh at my own jokes long after they are over. He tells me I look beautiful today. As if I didn’t purposely dress to impress... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter

By Anna Lopez '19 An Open Letter to People Who Think No Means Yes, Every time I walk alone in the dark, I’m afraid someone like you will think I’m “asking for it.” It doesn’t matter if I’m in Lawrence or Andover. I still live in fear that one day someone will think my consent... Continue Reading →

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