By Claudia Meng '18 The first time I was ever called a bitch was in sixth grade. We were having a debate in English class and the further we got into it, the more vocal I became. When it was my turn to speak, I remember standing up and confidently refuting my opponent’s points. Having... Continue Reading →

Don’t Tread On Me

By Kelsey Norris '16 At Andover, sexism in our athletic department sneaks in through the cracks. It appears through decisions, through advantages given to boys over girls over and over. Sexism decides which teams receive their varsity jackets the fastest and receive the best practice times and fields. We all notice and discuss that the... Continue Reading →

Why So Similar?

By Fran Trautmann '16 The largest public high school in Lafayette, Louisiana is equipped with a total of zero women’s groups. Upon my arrival at Andover, I was looking forward to experiencing a significant improvement in the treatment of women and approach to feminism. I may have been too hopeful. Although I’m not frequently called... Continue Reading →

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